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So, I decided to go back to the original livejournal that I had since it'd be easier to read other people's friends only posts, especially considering everyone has livejournals, anyways. I can't wait for college. Only twelve days. Just get me out of here. I had my hair dyed blonde today, so now I look like a total bimbo. So, I'll be tall dumb looking roommate. I've got my comforter, my towels, some bath stuff, but I still have a lot of shopping to do. What I really wish is that I had a laptop, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, well...not til Christimas, anyways, if I'm lucky. I found out Saves the Day is going to be in Worcester on November 27th, unfortunately, that's also the day after I go back to Buffalo for Thanksgiving, so I won't get to see them. Oh well, things work out like that sometimes. Naturally, when they'll be in Rochester, I'll still be at school, so that really sucks. Oh well, I've been scanning a bunch of pictures, so hopefully I'll get those up sometime soon, in case anyone cares. I'm going to New Hampshire on Thursday, which will be when we'll do all the shopping, finally. Technically only eleven days until college. Yes, I'm definitely counting. At least the days prior to Thursday will be spent lounging around, going out on the lake, tanning, etc. A fairly decent way to spend the last few days of summer. Especially since I now have a decent tan, after spending the day out on the boat wakeboarding. It goes great with the new blonde hair. Oh wait, no, I just look even less intelligent. I'm listening to Sense Field 'Save Yourself' on repeat for several reasons: it's a decent song, I'm too lazy to add anything to my playlist, Winamp 3 sucks and won't let me add anything to the playlist so I'm not going to even try and figure out why not. I almost miss high school, but then I realise how much busywork there was. At least college will be a change from that. It's seriously ridiculous when you're a senior in high school and your teacher asks you to draw your favourite amendment. Great, thanks. When's story time? I want to go to recess NOW.

The one perk of my newly dyed hair is that after you get it dyed it gets exceedingly soft. I love that aspect of it. Okay, I can't listen to this song anymore. I'm ready to kick it in the face.

Also, one last thing, anyone in the Boston area have any must-go places? Any clubs, show venues, shopping areas, etc. would be welcome as suggestions. Oh, and restaurants. I have to have somewhere to pig out after, if I keep up my current exercise routine. (Strecth, run 3 miles, situps/crunches/pushups, wakeboard/waterski).
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