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Only eleven more days until I'm finally at college. We've also discovered a solution to the space problem. Seeing as how we only have one car, when my mother and I go up to New Hampshire on Thursday, we're going to pack the car with a few things and then give them to my aunt and uncle who will be meeting us in Boston when I move in. That way we technically are taking two cars, they are just originating from different starting locations.

I'm also royally fucked when it comes to sleep patterns as I have been continuing my summer routine of sleeping til two and staying up until four am (thanks for that, Ed and Erika). I also have the most disgusting stomach ache in the world. I'm looking for new stuff to download, any suggestions? I need a broader taste of music to be interested in because I like most anything, it's just too hard to keep up with every genre of music (thus the appeal of leeching off Erika's taste in music.

My "room", if you can call it that (since after I left it became the computer room and all that occupies it right now is the computer desk, my bed, and a bunch of shit for my dorm room), is really getting quite cramped. I've got all my college stuff strewn about, so I think I'm going to go pick that up for lack of anything else to do. It's nice out, but a bit windy to go boating today. I've also got to go open a bank account soon considering my old bank has virtually no branches in Boston, and the bank I'm going to switch to has a ridiculous number of ATMs sprinkled about campus.
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