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[16 Sep 2002|02:05pm]
First post from college, shouldn't you feel special. Yes, yes you should. Lots to say, I suppose. The room is absolutely ridiculously small, however, I'm the neatest roommate, and if you know me, you're probably like "what the fuck....how the hell did that happen?" Yeah, same thing I was thinking. I registered today, filled out that fucking UCLA survey...I got so bored by the end of it, I randomly checked in shit, so now my parents each made 100,000/year, and I'm black. Oh yes.

I'm exceedingly hyper for someone who had three hours of sleep...total of 8 hours of sleep in the past three-four days. Yeah, this morning I didn't get in until 5 am. Cause I'm an ass, and then had to wake up at 9 am to go register for classes. 'Twas fun. Oh wait, no. Anyways, My room is actually starting to look...like a room, too bad there's still shit everywhere. At least my stuff is all picked up.

I feel like I should be writing more, but I'm really not coming up with much to say. Anyways, if you want to write me a letter, get the address out of my aim profile, lovelies.

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[14 Sep 2002|04:17am]
a couple hrs late. friday five

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why?
English in general, especially Media Analysis...because it's the one subject I'm really good at and don't have to try in. Besides, Media Analysis with KJ was amazing. I love reading and I love learning about the mechanics of the written word. Yes, I am a loser.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
Ms. K-J (media), Mr. Bird(social studies, grade 7 & 8), Mr. Swords (English, grade 8), Ms. Morizio (Math, grade 6). K-J because she was me just older. We had the exact same sense of humour, so it was highly entertaining, plus the rest of my class consisted of absolute morons (not to say that I'm not a moron, but CORAH was in my class, if you went to Orchard Park, you know what that says). Mr. Bird and Mr. Swords...well, for one thing, I drank with them. (Smirk) Also, they really get you interested in the subject that they're teaching you. Mr. Bird "inspired" me to major in Criminal Justice, and alas, unfortunately I can't double major in English like I'd hoped, I'll just have to stick with political science.

3. What is your favorite memory of school?
Grade 7...Mr. Bird and Mr. Swords were "feuding" as usual, and I was the smallest kid in my class. Mr. Bird sends me over to Mr. Swords room with a hockey mask on and a hockey stick in hand to 'threaten' Mr. Swords. Mr. Swords laughed and told me to go tell "Bird to sit on it". Thanks Joanie...where's Chachi when you need him?

4. What was your favorite recess game?
I never really played recess games, we had these huge concrete tubes that me and my friends would sit in and talk. How quaint of us.

5. What did you hate most about school?
This kid named Carl in kindergarten. Little fucker used to pull out my braids cause he liked me. He was a package of peanut m & m's for halloween. Also, Mrs. Roberts can kiss my ass. She's a psychotic bitch who gets jealous of any teenage girl with blonde hair. Sorry lady, you had your time to be a teenager, stop being evil because you're not young anymore.

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it happens too fast... [12 Sep 2002|05:25pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

YES. In less than 36 hours I will be waking up to go to Boston. YES. Well, fuck that, actually...I'm not waking up at bloody 5 am to go. Anyways, I'm very excited. I also got my winter quarter schedule. Northeastern, I hate you for making my Mondays absolute shit. I'm on such a super spirited kick lately. Such a good mood, which is weird for me since I think the number one word used to describe me would be 'bitch'. Oh well, I'm almost done packing. I've just got one last bit of stuff that will probably be waiting until Saturday morning. Also, I doubt this will be updated until at least Monday. So call me if you really want to talk to me, (which you know you do, cause I'm so fun to talk to).

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and so... [09 Sep 2002|06:34pm]
Four days until I finally make the big move. Then I will stop complaining about not being at school. The packing is almost complete, and I'm sure I've overpacked, but oh well, at least I'll have everything I need, I suppose. I'm rounding up the last bit of stuff which includes my shoes... I love my shoes, but at least they're mostly flipflops (thus making them easy to pack) considering I wear flipflops 100% of the year. Coming from Buffalo that just makes me a moron. It's really quite difficult talking to people when the only live human interaction you've had with people for almost two weeks has been with people related to you. I also got my hair cut! Yes! It's shorter now, but still pretty much shoulder length still. I'd take a picture with my cam for you, but the cam is packed and I think it's in New Hampshire, so not until at least Saturday.

Today was spent packing, getting a haircut, and watching crap on TV. Lifetime movies are really hilariously bad. Tracey Gold needs a new schtick, as does Kellie Martin. I can't even count how many times they've had anorexia, been abused by a boyfriend, had their baby kidnapped, etc. I'll admit, those are the only sorts of 'chick flicks' I enjoy. (With the exception of 'When Harry Met Sally', because Billy Crystal is such a dick in it. I aspire to be that sarcastic and witty.) That's it for now, kids. I've got to go listen to my sister bitch and moan...yet again.

incubus [08 Sep 2002|02:59pm]
So, I'm driving from New Hampshire to Albany with my sister in the car. We had some random rock station on, and they announced a contest giving away Incubus tickets to the 10th caller. I call. I win. I WON INCUBUS TICKETS. I don't really particularly LIKE Incubus, but hey, I'll take free tickets for any concert. Especially considering I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them live (plus Brandon Boyd is hot). Yeah, I'm shallow, oh well, I have tickets! Anyways, FIVE DAYS. Thank god. I'm dying here. Seriously. Also, I somehow managed to fuck up both of my thumbs from playing guitar. I'm not really sure how that happened, but huge gashes on thumbs are quite entertaining. Oh wait, no, and they hurt like hell.

Erika, I'm getting my hair cut, I hope you're happy. Now I won't look "haggard". Also, my shit is actually now only filling one car. Supposedly. The best part is that I don't even have to pack it because it's at my aunt and uncle's house. YES.

My sister and I went shopping today. She bought me a barbie watch, a powerpuff girls water bottle, and a few sets of stickers. So if I actually like you enough to write you letters (sorry, a very few number of people fall in this category), then you'll be getting a few of the stickers. We have barbie stickers, I think, Blue's Clues, and a few random ones. Quite excellent. That's pretty much anything remotely entertaining I have to say. (Or...not entertaining at all, either way)

wow [08 Sep 2002|01:50am]
Everything has officially been purchased that can be purchased. I hate shopping, but it was nice to have something to do for oh, ten seconds. Today we went out on a boat, waterskiied, hung out, I got a decent burn. Hanging out with the family was cool...considering it's about the TWELFTH TIME THIS WEEK. Also, my idiot cousins had an HOUR long debate over whether I look more like Joan Cusack or Bridget Fonda. THEY ARE BOTH UGLY. THANKS GUYS.

Moving on, only six more days. I shall keep plastering this everywhere. I can't wait to get the fuck out of here. Seriously. Also, six days til Ed's birthday. Fucker finally turns 18.

I really have nothing to say considering...I never do anything, lately. Except, I've become preoccupied with playing with my cell phone for lack of something fun to do. Also, I have to drive back to Albany tomorrow at 8 am. That's going to suck.

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finally [05 Sep 2002|01:30am]
Yeah, so I'm finally starting to get excited about going to college...I just wish it would hurry the fuck up. And so, I shall continue spending my days lounging around, playing guitar, wakeboarding, and exercising. I've gone on an exercising kick because I want to actually be somewhat into fitness prior to having access to such an amazing gym.

I also cannot wait to go shopping on Saturday. It's just an excuse to actually do something, plus it means school is less than a week away. The highlight of today was finally getting my cell phone and also, my mom picked me up a lovely gift. A "Super Loud" alarm clock. That should assist me in waking up a lot, considering I have a problem with that. I crave schoolwork to do. That's the nerd in me. The blonde, thank goodness, has darkened up quite a bit, so at least I won't look like such a bimbo. As to whether I actually am a bimbo still remains to be seen.

I watched a quality DVD last night...I believe we're all familar with TMNT, better known as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (Heroes in a Halfshell?) TURTLE POWER. Okay, I'm a huge loser. Anyways, as lame and cheesy as that movie is...I was entertained. It was amusing, plus Corey Feldman is a voice in it. What could get better than that? Oh wait, Corey Haim AND Corey Feldman as voices in the film. Maybe I'll just go watch Lost Boys since they're both in that. Cheesy 80s movies = rock.

I have a craving to go to a show. I don't even really care what kind of show it is, just some live music would be nice right about now. Well, that's pretty much all I can stomach to write at the moment. My head is spinning and I'm tired as hell.

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[03 Sep 2002|06:15pm]
I'm still debating as to whether or not I should get my hair cut. Right now it's exceedingly long. It's the longest it's been since fourth grade and I'm getting sick of it, but I probably will end up just letting it grow anyways. I also really want to go shopping. How shallow, all I can think of is my hair and shopping. I'm going to go punch myself in the face now. I finally saw the Video Music awards, and can I just say...what the FUCK was with all those queer hats?

Alicia Keys: Yes, I always look tacky, I'm a mediocre song writer. (Btw - nice 'fedora')
Britney Spears: Hi, I called Janet Jackson prior to the show just to see what she was wearing.
Janet Jackson: I'm trying to relive my Rhythm Nation days
Justin Timberlake: I wanted to see how queer I could look before Eminem beat the shit out of me.

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eleven [03 Sep 2002|04:19pm]
Only eleven more days until I'm finally at college. We've also discovered a solution to the space problem. Seeing as how we only have one car, when my mother and I go up to New Hampshire on Thursday, we're going to pack the car with a few things and then give them to my aunt and uncle who will be meeting us in Boston when I move in. That way we technically are taking two cars, they are just originating from different starting locations.

I'm also royally fucked when it comes to sleep patterns as I have been continuing my summer routine of sleeping til two and staying up until four am (thanks for that, Ed and Erika). I also have the most disgusting stomach ache in the world. I'm looking for new stuff to download, any suggestions? I need a broader taste of music to be interested in because I like most anything, it's just too hard to keep up with every genre of music (thus the appeal of leeching off Erika's taste in music.

My "room", if you can call it that (since after I left it became the computer room and all that occupies it right now is the computer desk, my bed, and a bunch of shit for my dorm room), is really getting quite cramped. I've got all my college stuff strewn about, so I think I'm going to go pick that up for lack of anything else to do. It's nice out, but a bit windy to go boating today. I've also got to go open a bank account soon considering my old bank has virtually no branches in Boston, and the bank I'm going to switch to has a ridiculous number of ATMs sprinkled about campus.

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so... [02 Sep 2002|08:31pm]
So, I decided to go back to the original livejournal that I had since it'd be easier to read other people's friends only posts, especially considering everyone has livejournals, anyways. I can't wait for college. Only twelve days. Just get me out of here. I had my hair dyed blonde today, so now I look like a total bimbo. So, I'll be tall dumb looking roommate. I've got my comforter, my towels, some bath stuff, but I still have a lot of shopping to do. What I really wish is that I had a laptop, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, well...not til Christimas, anyways, if I'm lucky. I found out Saves the Day is going to be in Worcester on November 27th, unfortunately, that's also the day after I go back to Buffalo for Thanksgiving, so I won't get to see them. Oh well, things work out like that sometimes. Naturally, when they'll be in Rochester, I'll still be at school, so that really sucks. Oh well, I've been scanning a bunch of pictures, so hopefully I'll get those up sometime soon, in case anyone cares. I'm going to New Hampshire on Thursday, which will be when we'll do all the shopping, finally. Technically only eleven days until college. Yes, I'm definitely counting. At least the days prior to Thursday will be spent lounging around, going out on the lake, tanning, etc. A fairly decent way to spend the last few days of summer. Especially since I now have a decent tan, after spending the day out on the boat wakeboarding. It goes great with the new blonde hair. Oh wait, no, I just look even less intelligent. I'm listening to Sense Field 'Save Yourself' on repeat for several reasons: it's a decent song, I'm too lazy to add anything to my playlist, Winamp 3 sucks and won't let me add anything to the playlist so I'm not going to even try and figure out why not. I almost miss high school, but then I realise how much busywork there was. At least college will be a change from that. It's seriously ridiculous when you're a senior in high school and your teacher asks you to draw your favourite amendment. Great, thanks. When's story time? I want to go to recess NOW.

The one perk of my newly dyed hair is that after you get it dyed it gets exceedingly soft. I love that aspect of it. Okay, I can't listen to this song anymore. I'm ready to kick it in the face.

Also, one last thing, anyone in the Boston area have any must-go places? Any clubs, show venues, shopping areas, etc. would be welcome as suggestions. Oh, and restaurants. I have to have somewhere to pig out after, if I keep up my current exercise routine. (Strecth, run 3 miles, situps/crunches/pushups, wakeboard/waterski).

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