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Everything has officially been purchased that can be purchased. I hate shopping, but it was nice to have something to do for oh, ten seconds. Today we went out on a boat, waterskiied, hung out, I got a decent burn. Hanging out with the family was cool...considering it's about the TWELFTH TIME THIS WEEK. Also, my idiot cousins had an HOUR long debate over whether I look more like Joan Cusack or Bridget Fonda. THEY ARE BOTH UGLY. THANKS GUYS.

Moving on, only six more days. I shall keep plastering this everywhere. I can't wait to get the fuck out of here. Seriously. Also, six days til Ed's birthday. Fucker finally turns 18.

I really have nothing to say considering...I never do anything, lately. Except, I've become preoccupied with playing with my cell phone for lack of something fun to do. Also, I have to drive back to Albany tomorrow at 8 am. That's going to suck.
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