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So, I'm driving from New Hampshire to Albany with my sister in the car. We had some random rock station on, and they announced a contest giving away Incubus tickets to the 10th caller. I call. I win. I WON INCUBUS TICKETS. I don't really particularly LIKE Incubus, but hey, I'll take free tickets for any concert. Especially considering I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them live (plus Brandon Boyd is hot). Yeah, I'm shallow, oh well, I have tickets! Anyways, FIVE DAYS. Thank god. I'm dying here. Seriously. Also, I somehow managed to fuck up both of my thumbs from playing guitar. I'm not really sure how that happened, but huge gashes on thumbs are quite entertaining. Oh wait, no, and they hurt like hell.

Erika, I'm getting my hair cut, I hope you're happy. Now I won't look "haggard". Also, my shit is actually now only filling one car. Supposedly. The best part is that I don't even have to pack it because it's at my aunt and uncle's house. YES.

My sister and I went shopping today. She bought me a barbie watch, a powerpuff girls water bottle, and a few sets of stickers. So if I actually like you enough to write you letters (sorry, a very few number of people fall in this category), then you'll be getting a few of the stickers. We have barbie stickers, I think, Blue's Clues, and a few random ones. Quite excellent. That's pretty much anything remotely entertaining I have to say. (Or...not entertaining at all, either way)
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