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emogirl's Journal

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2 April
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=w=, a&e, acoustic guitars, action movies, alternative, american beauty, ani difranco, ash, audrey hepburn, ayn rand, being mean, bermuda, bic runga, billy idol, bob nanna, boy hits car, boy sets fire, brad pitt, braid, canada, cartoons, catch 22, charlie parker, classical, club shows, college ruled paper, conan o'brien, concerts, cover bands, cover songs, crafts, dar williams, dashboard confessional, david bowie, doodling, drawing, emo, fast cars, fight club, finch, fiona apple, floppy disks, folk, free food, french kissing, fruit rollups, further seems forever, girly drinks, goldfinger, graphic design, guitar, guster, hennessey, hepcat, hey mercedes, hockey, hot rod circuit, hot water music, impressionism, jack kerouac, james patterson, jejune, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, john grisham, kurt vonnegut, law and order, lisa loeb, little boy tshirts, liz phair, media analysis, memento, michelle branch, miles davis, mineral, mirah, modest mouse, monet, monique powell, moron bashing, music, new notebooks, nina simone, no motiv, northeastern university, painting, pirates, punk, radiohead, reel big fish, renoir, rockclimbing, running, sarcasm, save ferris, saves the day, sefler, seurat, sex and the city, shopping, six feet under, ska, skateboarding, sketching, soccer, spongebob squarepants, sunny day real estate, surrealism, the alkaline trio, the anniversary, the aquabats, the beets, the clash, the cure, the eels, the get up kids, the gloria record, the jealous sound, the juliana theory, the land before time, the rocking horse winner, the simpsons, the skatelites, the smiths, the specials, the starting line, the velvet teen, this charming man, thursday, track, van gogh, veruca salt, vintage stores, web design, weezer, yellowcard

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